Be a core material for ARMOR screen protectors, flexible glass combined the benefits of plastic and glass, to provide comfort feel, strong protection and safely on your screen and yourself. 

ARMOR 2D 9H hardness with high definition flexible glass screen protector, good fit for the users who pursued high quality image transmitted with true color visual; and enjoy video watching and game playing. ARMOR screen protector cover your phone screen completely; 9H hardness & high scratch resistant to reduce the damages from any accidents or shrapnel. Advance coating like oleophobic and hydrophobic keep the smudge away from your screen, without clean up frequently. Ultra-thin in 0.25mm thickness offers a touch free feeling and exquisite sensitivity with 3D touchSupportive installation kits help you easy to install the screen protector without upset; environmental upcycling packing box turning the traditional concept to throw away the packing box immediately. Giving them the 2nd life after the goods unpacking. 

We ARMOR your gadget!