Anti-Glare (AG) with Anti-Blue Light Flexible Glass Screen Protector

Guard your gadget, safe your eyes

ARMOR Anti-glare flexible glass screen protector, tailor-made for you who need to work with your laptop for a long time. The specific anti-glare coating can reduce the specular reflection & scattering caused by interior bright light; concentrate the light source to make the image clear visibility. The anti-blue light adhesive layer filters out 40%+ of blue light, protect your eyes from long screen working hours; and relieve eyes strain.

ARMOR screen protector uses flexible glass (origin from Japan) as a core material, which combined both features of plastic and glass, to provide protection and safety on your screen and yourself.

- Hard coat materials give your device’s screen complete protection. To avoid the scratch or damage from minimal fragments

- High scratch resistance can be resistant 1000 times under rubbed by 1000gm pressure of steel wool

- Shatter-proof protects you away from shrapnel, preventing the minimal fragments to hurt your finger & face.

- High image transmitted rate to 90%+

- Oleophobic and hydrophobic coating reduce the effect of fingerprint & sebum; water and oil repellence and easy-to-clean

- Thin & light-in-weight film provides you feeling touch-free

- Boundless film brings an original visual enjoyment