9H with High Definition (HD) Flexible Glass Screen Protector for iPad mini

Protect your Screen, Watch your film

ARMOR iPad mini 9H High Definition (HD) flexible glass screen protector provides impactive protection on your valuable device screen by 9H hardness film; & high definition (HD) for clear screen visibility. Offering you the best & authentic experience.

ARMOR iPad mini screen protector uses flexible glass (origin from Japan) as a core material, which combined both features of plastic and glass, to provide protection and safety on your screen and yourself. 

  • FLEXIBLE GLASS:  Advanced materials from Japan, ultra-thin and bendable, shatter-proof as plastic; high definition, scratch resistance, and protection as glass, preserving your visual experiences. 
  • 9H HARDNESS: provides comprehensive protection from scratches or damage to the screen due to hard objects or small debris
  • SCRATCH RESISTANCE: Quality material can withstand 1000 grams of weight wrapped by steel wool, scrape back & forth 1000 times, without abraded
  • HIGH DEFINITION: 92%+ transparency preserves screen clarity to allow an optimal viewing experience.
  • SHATTER-PROOF: With Japan, qualified materials protect you from any shrapnel if things go sharp; 
  • IMPRESSIVE THINNESS – minimal thickness provides your full compatibility with zero-touch feeling & high sensibility.
  • Hydrophobic and oleophobic coating prevents the sweat and oil residue from fingerprints and keeps your phone screen always crystal clean.

Installation Tips