ARMOR anti-glare with anti-blue light flexible glass screen protector, a good fit for the users who always working and watching for long hours on the phone screen. Anti-glare with matte coating makes reflected light scatter, keeping your screen clear and visible; and the anti-blue light layer can filter out 40%+ blue light, relieve the eye strain and help you sleep better, without image color destruction. 

Being a core material for ARMOR screen protectors, flexible glass combined the benefits of plastic and glass, to provide a comfortable feel, strong protection, and safety on your screen and yourself.   9H hardness with high scratch resistance to reduce the damages from any accidents or shrapnel. An advanced coating like oleophobic and hydrophobic keep the smudge away from your screen, for easy cleanup. Ultra-thin offers a touch-free feeling and exquisite sensitivity with 3D touch. Supportive installation kits help you easy to install the screen protector without upset; environmental upcycling packing box turns the traditional concept to throw away the packing box immediately. Giving them a 2nd life after the unpacking of the goods. 

We ARMOR your gadget!